What types of crimes can I report through Crimeline?

Information about crimes that were committed or are in progress in Merrimack can be submitted to Merrimack Crimeline.


If there is an EMERGENCY CALL 9-1-1


Tips about potential future criminal activity in Merrimack will also be reviewed by the police department to determine a course of action.


Do all calls remain anonymous?

Calls to Crimeline are received at the Merrimack Police Department on an independent line that has no caller ID or recording features. The caller is issued a tracking ID number. Any further contact will reference that ID number.


Do I need to be a Merrimack resident to use Crimeline?

No. Anyone can contact Merrimack Crimeline regarding crimes committed in Merrimack.


What information should I provide to Crimeline?

The type of crime, description of the suspect(s) and vehicle(s), location and time of the offense, and any details about the crime itself are helpful in the investigative process.


How much will I be paid for the information I provide?

The amount of money paid is determined by the Crimeline committee and can be any amount up to $1,000.00 if the information leads to an arrest or indictment.


What happens after I contact Crimeline?

The information you provide is forwarded to an Officer or Detective for follow-up investigation. Should that information lead to an arrest or indictment, Merrimack Crimeline will pay up to $1000.00 to the anonymous contact who provided the information.


If you contact Merrimack Crimeline via telephone, be sure you remember the TRACKING ID NUMBER you receive during the call. The number is referenced for all future communication and for payment.


If you contact Merrimack Crimeline via Online Anonymous Web Tips, Return to the website where you submitted your tip. You will need to provide both the CODE NUMBER that was assigned to the tip and the PASSWORD you selected when submitting the tip online.


Can I provide Crimeline with more info related to the crime later?

You can CALL Merrimack Crimeline at any time with additional information regarding any crime.


If you submitted an anonymous tip ONLINE, you can Return to the website where you submitted your tip. You will need to provide both the CODE NUMBER that was assigned to the tip and the PASSWORD you selected when submitting the tip online. You will be able to provide additional information related to the crime. If the Merrimack Police have additional questions, you will see these and have the option to respond online to their request.


When will I receive my reward?

After an arrest, the Crimeline committee will determine the amount of the reward. Check back periodically and provide the Tracking ID number by phone or online code number and password as this is the only way Crimeline and the police are able to let you know when a payout will be scheduled.


Will I need to testify in court or provide a statement to police?

No. Calls and tips to Merrimack Crimeline are anonymous.


If I see a crime taking place, should I call the Crimeline?

9-1-1 should be utilized for emergencies.


Non-emergency calls about crimes in progress can be made to the Crimeline or directly to the Merrimack Police Department.

To be considered for a reward, you must call the Crimeline.


What if a crime is committed in another town?

Some other towns have their own Crimeline programs. A few local agencies are listed here:


Manchester, NH Crimeline     Nashua, NH Crimeline     Bedford, NH Police Department


Are there resources for other areas of concern like Domestic Violence help, Drug Abuse, Child Welfare available?

Please visit HERE to be directed to the Merrimack Police Department 'links' page to find help in those areas and more!



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